Category: Level 4

The Power of Primary Chords

Perhaps the favorite application of music theory in piano instruction is the teaching of  I, IV, and V7 chords – that familiar cluster surrounding the root‐position I chord. Primary chords are a guiding concept for Level 4 (Spanish Edition) and the corresponding Student Choice books. The I‐IV‐V7 chord formula is favored for good reason: The chords […]

The Skater’s Waltz

Level 2B, Lesson Book, Pg. 26 Watch as Nancy cultivates Philip’s musical artistry through affirming his expressive performance of The Skater’s Waltz. To the student, Piano Adventures® implies an exciting exploration. To the teacher, Piano Adventures® implies a mission and mindset which puts the student’s personal development in the fore. The Piano Adventures® Teacher refers […]


Viva la France Variations: Transposed & Jazzed‐up!

Level 2B, Lesson Book, Pg. 30, Viva la France Viva la France gets a “face lift” as Philip transposes this piece with a “jazzed‐up” rhythm in different keys. Many pieces at Levels 1 through 2B are written to allow the student to transpose, moving the hand between familiar positions. This movement between positions sharpens the […]